the most beautiful day

I guess it was only about a week ago that my boss quit. Well, he quit on Friday and then got fired on Monday. That. . . doesn’t even make sense anywhere else.

I’m starting to feel like myself again.

Turns out I like myself.

And I told my mom about Ted moving in. That felt good.

And I’m glad he’s moving in. It feels good to think about a future with someone without panicking at the direness of it all.

I love him and I love every street I’m walking down, but I love that one in particular. Maybe we can move there next.

I love my hypothetical apartment on 6th street. It has a garden.

And I love New York. I walked through Thompson Square Park by myself, and all the aggressive homeless men have been replaced by laughing children and well-behaved dogs. And the sun is at the most perfect angle to reflect off the windows and on the other side the daffodils are blooming. When did this even happen? Maybe I should take a picture.

But when I look back at where I came from, the shadows aren’t as nice. I’ll just remember.

We have dinner plans with friends. Oh, and I got a raise today.

I like where this is going.


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Living Shallow, Living Well said...

I'm jealous I live in Denver. It's like NYC except 1/234 the size and all people do is ski. And all people talk about is skiing. Boring. Yawn, Denver is.

Isa said...

Oh yay, I'm so pleased you're moving in together! I went on a mission, to read your blog from the start. Now I'm all caught up, I'm wondering when your 1 yr anniversary is? Easter was just last weekend... :-D

Logan Lo said...

I hope it works out for you.

And you should like yourself; there's lots to like.


DSS said...

As someone who has been reading you for AGES, let me just say congratulations :)

And the shadows, in the past, just remember that they are what let you to Ted. So in some ways...they are something to be thankful for!

Dating is My Hobby said...

I am with DSS. I've been reading you for about a year and its been so fun to watch your relationship with Ted progress. Yay!

harper & beatrix said...

thanks, guys. the boy and i will have known each in real life for a year on monday, since easter moves around. he has to work that day, but i think we’ll have falafel on sunday to celebrate.

oh, and i wish i could say that the shadows behind me thing was a consciously-placed literary device, but it was really just what happened.

happy weekend.