364 days


We had falafel sandwiches in the same place where we first met each other. I made a mess, same as the first time. We call it our first date, start counting from that day, divide our lives into Before Falafel and After. I don’t know where we’d be if we hadn’t met each other.

“I’d probably still be trying to bang every girl on the Lower East Side.”
“And I’d probably be dating a banker.”
“But you wouldn’t be happy.”
“That is probably true.”

It wasn’t a glamorous day, just a really, really good one. They’re mostly good, lately.


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Mae December said...

<3 ! Yeaaay that means i've also been reading your blog for longer than a year. Crazy shit.

Ocean Girl said...

True definition of romance. Congratulations.

Isa said...

Congratulations!! May the next year be just as full of really really good days!

E said...

Falafel is the best way to celebrate anniversaries.