so. . . sorry. esp. about that salad dressing

I’m sorry I

-Cried when I had to walk to work in the snow
-Took an hour and half to get dressed because I was angry at my wardrobe
-Insisted that I had a staph infection on my face even though it was obviously just a pimple
-Fed you a vinaigrette I made with expired mustard
-Told you the mustard was expired but didn’t tell you it was expired by more than a year and a half
-Wasn’t fun at that birthday party and am so old that the sounds in clubs give me headaches
-Apologize, even at inappropriate times.


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Mae December said...

the last comment reminded me that my boyfriend apologizes all the time and i don't like it. because then by getting used to hearing him apologize over stupid stuff, when he (if he ever) truly messes up, and he apologizes....it just won't mean anything.

shahrzy said...

oh my gosh, are you me? me you? maybe we just differ about the snow. i'm from minnesota and love your lists.