Pity party

I'm throwing myself a pity party, and you're invited!

The family trip was a disaster. Not in the, "My family is so weird!" kind of way. A disaster in the "Do you mind if I spend Christmas with you because I've burned bridges with every person on the planet who shares my DNA and I have no where else to go?" kind of way. I'm working on several vignettes for you all to explain in a humorous way how exactly my family unit disinegrated in a few short days, but right now I just want to feel sorry for myself. I mean, "Long December" came on the radio today and I cried.

Is there a time when you can stop trying to put your Humpty-Dumpty family back together again? If all the king's horse and all the king's men couldn't do it, where does that leave me?


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SonnyVsDan said...

maybe it's a woman's job.

either that, or replace the horses with ponies.

harper & beatrix said...

Ponies? I like that. Can I tape rolled-up paper cones to their heads and call them unicorns?

Because, seriously, unicorns can do anything.

sas said...

urgh. sounds awful. and familiar.

i can offer no advice - i moved to the other side of the world to escape them and the bastards still visit.

go with the unicorns.

Mr London Street said...

Families can be pretty dreadful, can't they. Worst of all is the vapid assumption that you're bound to like or love them, just because you're related to them.