permission slips

I needed the words to replace all the I-miss-yous and I-like-yous and you’re-my-favorites. I needed the words to say what I really meant.

And I found them. And he echoed. And it was nice.

But. . . .

I didn’t want to say it too much. I shouldn’t say it every time I think it. So maybe not now.

He knows, anyway.

He dropped me off on the corner. It’s convenient that he has to drive by my work on the way to his.

Grabbing my things. Making sure the seatbelt wasn’t hanging out. About to close the door.

“What?” I shouted it back in.

“I said, I love you, ” shouted out the door.

And that was how he gave me permission to believe something I had known for weeks.


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mysterg said...

IT's funny how three little words can mean so much.

Proud Maisie said...

Those three little words are three of the most important in the world. And yes, sometimes when they are delivered in the most mundane, normal fashion, they are at their most potent.