better than television

He met a girl and she told him she worked in television. He told her he didn't watch television because his real life was so much better.

There's intrigue, girls with boyfriends, boys with anger issues, love triangles-- and more complicated geometry, the addict friend with the girlfriend he might love. It's always left to be continued. It never gets simpler, just more convoluted and harder to follow.

On the way home from a concert with his pretty friend, he stops the car and they get out to stand in the street because millions of magazine pages are raining from the sky. You want that to mean something.

He might be dating the girl from the magazine night. He's probably dating her. But it's complicated. It's always complicated.

She wanted a late-night snack. She's drunk but he's sober. You get a few months of sober when you throw up massive amounts of blood and end up spending a few days in a Bahamian hospital.*

She points out a couple a few booths away, saying they don't match because the girl's hotter than the boy. He asks if she's looked at the two of them.

He drops her off but doesn't stay. When you aren't drinking, you have to make decisions.

I'm captivated, but I want it to work out this time. I want it to work out every time.


*You also get very close to figuring out how quickly your parents' friends can arrange for private international flights.

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