maybe you should ask him

My exes have started asking if I’m going to marry Ted.

When I asked Cooper for his address so I could send him a Christmas card, he asked if it was for a wedding invitation.

David asked. He said he thinks I’ll have a fun wedding, and it will be “so great” to see me as a bride. He’ll have to facebook stalk to see pictures, ’cause he won’t be invited.

Hugo asked, too. He says he’s going to dance with me and hang out with my brother. My baby cousins will be excited to see him.

And I might have told Hugo he can be an usher.


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shahrzy said...


does ted read your blog or is it still your secret?

Mae December said...

look at you all gushing

harper & beatrix said...

he does read. it's how we met. and it's really never anything we haven't talked about.

and i know, i know, it's pukey.


shahrzy said...

how sweet!

i had the time you challenged a guy he'd never find the blog still in mind.

did i miss the story of how you met? i'd love to hear.