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Ted knows my trick: learn one sports fact every six months or so, and use it when meeting boys.

“You should learn the triangle offense,” he tells me.
“Are you telling her how to pick up guys?” His brother and his room mate are confused.

“It would be enough that I know the triangle offense exists,” I explain. “I could learn something way easier, like the infield fly rule.”

Ted’s brother and room mate can’t remember that one, so I explain.

“See?” I conclude. “So if we were in a bar, I could have just started this conversation with three boys. It works.”

So girls, you should try this. A very little bit of effort can go a long way. Boys are likely to give you little credit in this arena, so knowing the tiniest sports morsel will earn you major points, and, most importantly, will work as an icebreaker.

For at least six months I used that World Cup final head butt. And I used winning my NCAA Tournament brackets over two years ago for even longer than that. (In fact, I used it with Ted.)

Even less sporty sports facts will work:

Football? I once hung out with a guy who plays for the Steelers now.

Baseball? Bought scalped tickets in a bar / bowling alley for a Yankees game.

Golf? My dad kinda looks like Davis Love, III.

Hockey? My favorite penalty is icing because it reminds me of cake.

It’s best not to learn too much because, while boys think they want to date a girl who appreciates sports, they still want to be the experts.

So good luck. And remember, the best resource for sports facts is boys themselves.


p.s. Sorry boys, learning girly facts will not help you meet girls.

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Mae December said...

I do this! But with everything.Whatever I learned from a past boyfriend, I use to impress the new one. My current beau is a huuuge basketball fan. I know very little, but enough to get me started in a conversation. And then I also know about music. It just depends on the guy. :)